Donald Sterling-Jerk of The Week

V. Stiviano On right, under red arrow
V. Stiviano On right, under red arrow

Well, I thought I’d not have to start this anytime soon, but thanks to several  comments made by others here at The Den I can’t just walk away from this one.

LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been caught on audio making hugely racist comments to his current girlfriend, all because she posed for a photo with Magic Johnson…

Stiviano says, and Sterling acknowledges — he made her take the pic off Instagram because he didn’t want her seen in public with an African American.
The whole incident, caught on audio, has caused a HUGE uproar in the NBA community, along with Sterling garnering the ire of several well known figures, including the POTUS, Jessie Jackson, Snoop Dog just to name a few.

Here’s the Audio:

Bobcats owner, and Hall of Famer Michael Jordan made this statement:

“I look at this from two perspectives — as a current owner and a former player.

“As an owner, I’m obviously disgusted that a fellow team owner could hold such sickening and offensive views. I’m confident that [NBA Commissioner] Adam Silver will make a full investigation and take appropriate action quickly.

“As a former player, I’m completely outraged. There is no room in the NBA — or anywhere else — for the kind of racism and hatred that Mr. Sterling allegedly expressed. I am appalled that this type of ignorance still exists within our country and at the highest levels of our sport. In a league where the majority of players are African-American, we cannot and must not tolerate discrimination at any level.”

Magic Johnson, the target of most of this, is not hurt for himself, but for African Americans as a whole. And, says “Sterling should step down.” along with several others.

Sterling does have an out… Sell the team to Magic Johnson. Johnson has the backing, and could turn the team around from this mess… And Sterling can take his ‘values’ to retirement.

And Ms. Stiviano would be best served to leave this bigot to himself. He’s not worth your time of day.

Update: Donald can’t keep from getting hoof-in-mouth syndrome… his latest quote “I should have paid her off”. Jackass Much???

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