Just When I Thought I’d Seen It All…

I thought I’d seen it all, until I came across a website actually CHARGING people to “Pray” for them. Stating they have “Many years of experience” praying for people, etc. I really cannot believe that this world has come to allowing these extremists to get away with that.

Prayers are free if you just ask… I can even put you on the prayer list at my boyfriend’s Christian Gaming Community site. They have a very long prayer meeting twice weekly and are very dedicated to intercessory prayer and would be glad to pray for you without charge.  …Not to mention that if you ask any church or any Christian individual, for that matter- You can usually get them to pray for you right there on the spot!  For free at that.  And who says their prayers aren’t as strong as anyone else’s??? 

I usually keep my mouth shut and turn the other way when I see stuff like that, but I had to fall into the “just sayin…” mode on this one. Nuff said….


One thought on “Just When I Thought I’d Seen It All…”

  1. Ok, you may be able to walk away with “just sayin” but I can’t.

    Whomever is part of this…SCAM for lack of ‘politically correct’ wording is nothing but money hungry. All they are looking for is someone to pay their meal ticket, so they don’t have to get off their backsides, and go to work…

    I for one will not be accessing their website, when I can go knock on the door MYSELF, for FREE!!!

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