News & Notes: 6/15/14

News & Notes returns to The Den!

For those of you whom haven’t read one of these posts, I’m going to give you the story, and then my opinions (in italics) on it. So, here we go!

7 Year Old nearly expelled from school for following school policy

Darin-Simak7 year old Darin Simak was nearly expelled from school recently because he followed the rules.

After leaving his backpack at a friends house, his mother packed him up for school with a secondary backpack from home, and sent her son off, wishing him a good day, but this young man’s day was anything but.

When he opened the backpack, he found a toy gun inside, and knew it was against school policy to have it. So, being honest, and wanting to do the right thing, he took the toy gun to his teacher, to turn it in, never thinking that he would be suspended, and possible expulsion from school for having it.

Fortunately, the school’s superintendent decided that in Darin’s case, the expulsion wasn’t warranted.

The young boy’s father is furious, saying that his son, “did the right thing, and we’re trying to teach him the right way, and now they’re teaching him the wrong way.”

The school district’s policy on “replicas of weapons” requires a one-year expulsion, however, the superintendent is allowed to make exceptions.

The district has instilled a system that encourages students to “do the right thing,” but punishes them when they oblige…

Story first found on Universal Free Press, written by Dom The Conservative

Really….REALLY?!?!?! do you have any idea what you’ve done to this young man? You’ve basically just taught him to keep his mouth shut, no matter what the situation is. Because it might just get him in trouble for ‘doing the right thing’.  It’s a toy gun for cripes sake, not an assault rifle! But, you keep teaching that doing the right thing is wrong there Spiffy!

DeLand Woman Busted Shoplifting Lobster Tails

reed-vcsoNichole Reed, our “Dummy of The Week’ was busted in Deland recently after stealing 7 lobster tails from a local Publix, and walked out of the store and headed home, where local authorities found and arrested her after she admitted to stealing the tails, valued at 83.99

Reed reportedly told police she was planning on trading the lobster tails to a friend and then possibly buy “Chinese buffet or Dilaudid,” a brand of the drug hydromorphone.

What an idiot… Nothing more to say here.


Pasco County 911 Call Goes To Voicemail

Earlier last week, a Pasco County family’s home was invaded in the middle of the night, and a call to the 911 system was transferred to voicemail, instead of to a police dispatcher.

As the homeowner and his family waited for law enforcement response in terror, the gentleman who’s name wasn’t revealed for fear of reprisal, was able to get hold of his personal firearm, and shoot one of the invaders in the back.

Three of the 4 suspects are under custody, including the man who was shot.

The homeowner woke up to “them beating me” as he stated to police after they arrived.

Pasco County authorities said that accidentally sending the horrifying 911 call to voicemail did not delay the police response. The county said that sheriff’s deputies were on their way to the residence less than four minutes after the call.

Now Officials in Pasco County are saying that they are working to ‘rectify the situation so that this doesn’t happen again.’ but, gave no specifics as to HOW that would happen. This could have been a horrendous tragedy. thankfully, dispatchers were on their toes, and already had response moving to the scene . But what happens if they hadn’t?  That’s the point.


That’s all for this time! Check back soon for more News & Notes!!!

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