News & Notes: 7/30/14

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Man Arrested For New Type of Food Stamp Fraud

Glitniak1Michael Glitniak was arrested for a new type of food stamp fraud recently by trying to trade his Electronic Benefits Transfer Card (Food Stamps) in exchange for an “encounter” with an undercover police officer posing as a prostitute

“Those EBT cards, boy, they’re used for a lot of other things other than what they’re meant for, aren’t they? I mean they’re used for booze, they’re used for drugs, they’re used for sex. It’s a shame. All that fraud occurs to all of us,” said Daytona Beach Police Chief Michael Chitwood.

Police said Glitniak walked up to the undercover detective, who asked him if he wanted to party, and Glitniak said yes, but didn’t have any money.

The detective asked Glitniak what he had, and Glitniak allegedly said he could pay in food stamps.

Glitniak went along with the detective and was then arrested, and given a 500.00 bond at first appearance.

Well, I think the Chief said it all… Nothing more to report here.

Liberals Bear All In Protest On 2nd Amendment

In typical style, Liberal women in Austin, TX have placed themselves on display in indecent ways to promote their ‘More Boobs-Less Guns’ campaign.

Needless to say, once again this is about carrying assault rifles publicly. Now, this author believes in the 2nd Amendment. Being prior military, I’ve used “assault weapons”. Would I carry them on the street? No. would I carry a handgun? Possibly, with a legal concealed/carry permit. But I sure wouldn’t go to the extremes these women did…

Universal Free Press has the full story, and a link to the video.

Dog Shooting Results in Termination

apollo1Apollo (pictured here) was shot and killed by a Hometown, Illinois police officer on Friday, as a 6 year old little girl watched in horror.

Apollo was a German Sheppard/Pit Bull mix that was 14 moths old and got loose from his home, and police were called to the location. Once there, the dog was being called home by his owner, and the owner was distracted. The officer on scene, Robert Norris said that the dog “Showed his teeth” and had no choice but to fire his weapon and kill the dog while the 6-year-old screamed in terror.

The family took to the news, ans social media to bring their story to a national, and worldwide audience with the Facebook page “Justice For Apollo”

The police officer was terminated from his position on Monday, but the family has decided that it shouldn’t stop there. They want to take their case to the State Attorney’s Office to have felony animal cruelty charges filed against him as well.

Do you think that justice has been served by terminating the officer, or should the criminal charges be filed? Answer in the comments below!

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  1. Check out this idiot’s tan lines on his arm! Sorry, that’s all I have to say about that because he is just a plain idiot. I guess switching actual paper “stamps” booklets for debit-type cards did more harm than good in some ways… Also, shame on ANY cop who kills a dog. There is almost ALWAYS another way to restrain a dog and take the dog into custody. They don’t have freaking guns on them like idiot humans. What is it with these cops who have this “God complex”??? Okay, I’m done ranting.

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