News & Notes 8/15/14

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18 Year old Man BEATS Autistic 16 Year Old

Jerk2Down in Okeechobee, Fla. Andrew Wheeler our ‘Jerk of The Week’ (although I can think of MUCH stronger words to call this moron) decided that it would be FUN to beat down a 16 year old Autistic boy, and then POST the video to his Facebook page…

We will NOT be posting the video due to is graphic content. but you can find it here.

People from around the country have been calling the Okeechobee Police Department as this video has gone viral to put their 2 cents in, and Wheeler has been charged with Felony Child Abuse as a result of law enforcement seeing the video.

Apparently there was a second adult there, who could have quite possibly been buying alcohol for minors, and letting them drink in her home. The autistic teen got drunk, and passed out. He awoke to being asked to go outside and fight someone. After refusing to go outside, Wheeler was called to come kick him out, the report said. Once Wheeler arrived, he began hitting him.

In a statement to police, the boy said that Wheeler had choked him until he became unconscious. He awoke to find Wheeler standing over him — hitting him in the face while others stood around and laughed. He added that Wheeler then held a knife to his throat and told him to leave.

The boy then left and collapsed in the street where police found him, according to the report.

A driver had alerted police after seeing the boy laying in the street.

Ok… Things like this REALLY tick me off. WHY in God’s name would you one, be giving alcohol to a 16 year old AUTISTIC boy?!?!?!?! Then because he passed out, and you want him to leave you bring in someone to ‘kick his ass’? !?!?!?! This poor kid received a sprained neck, bruises, and a Concussion due to the beating. There are some SICK and TWISTED people that live in our world today… I hope that the judge this idiot gets THROWS The book at him, and literally hands him a beat-down of his own as part of the sentence! Sadistic Nut…

Robin Williams Wife Releases Statement on Actor’s Condition Before Death

robin-williams-deadSusan Schneider, released a statement on Williams condition before his death on the 11th saying that his sobriety was in check, but that the actor was battling the early stages of Parkinson’s Disease, which he was “not yet ready to release” along with his ongoing battle of depression and anxiety issues.

Tributes, like the one we posted earlier today, continue to pour in for Robin, and his daughter Zelda is quoted as saying that the “entire world is forever a little darker” with his absence on her Tumblr page. We here at The Den couldn’t agree more.

Our thoughts, and prayers still are with Robin’s family, and friends during this horrifically difficult time.

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