Jimi Jamision Passes

jjJimi Jamison, one of the lead singers for the band Survivor, has passed away, according to his booking manager, and reported by the Rolling Stone website.

Jamison gave the band legs with songs like “Is This Love“, and “Burning Heart” from Rocky IV , “High On You”  and “I’m Always Here” which was used as the theme song for Baywatch in his solo efforts.

Jamison joined the band in 1984 after then lead singer David Bickler had to leave due to the diagnosis of  polyps on his vocal chords. Bickler left just after recording the band’s biggest hit, “Eye of The Tiger” And Jamison stepped in after the disbanding of the band Cobra.

According to the report Jamison died of a sudden Heart Attack.

We here at The Den remember the times of the Spring Break ’85 Concerts at the Daytona Bandshell, and send our condolences out to Jimi’s family, friends, and band mates.


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