So Long Cubby…

1280px-Daytona_Cubs_Mascot_Cubby_1423Cubby is going into hibernation…

The Daytona News-Journal is reporting that the Chicago Cubs have decided to move their high A team to Myrtle Beach,  SC and, the Cincinnati Reds have signed a 4 year deal to move in their high A team into Jackie Robinson Ball Park on City Island.

However when the Farm team takes the field in April of next year, it won’t be branded with the Red’s name.

The minor league club will have a moniker independent of the parent club, general manager Josh Lawther said.

The new name will have a “local angle” and prevent an expensive rebranding process should Daytona’s major league affiliation change again, Lawther said.

It hasn’t been decided yet if the name chance will be done internally, or offered up for the fans to chime in in branding the team with a name. Lawther, and officials here in Daytona hope to have a nickname in a week or two. However, according to league rules, a team must wait 60 days after league approval to announce the change.

Once a team nickname is selected, Lawther said, they will forward it to Studio Simon — the company that did the second-generation Daytona Cubs logos in 2011.

Lawther said the kids’ club, though no longer Cubby’s Crew, will be renamed, and the Silver Sluggers Club will continue. The ever popular Thirsty Thursday beverage promotion will be back, as will Saturday night fireworks and Belly Buster Mondays.

“All the promotions, ticket packages, everything stays in place,” Lawther said.

As for Cubby, the lovable bear mascot who has been a huggable fan favorite since the mid-1990s, he’s going to do what bears do.

“Cubby will go into hibernation,” Lawther said. “We’ve had to cancel some appearances (since Tuesday’s announcement) or reschedule down the road for when we have a new mascot.”

So long Cubby… We’ll miss those summertime hugs, and watching you root for the home team.

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