News & Notes- 9/24/14

It’s time once again for News & Notes! Let’s get started:

 What a JACKASSS!!!Obama Gives “Latte Salute”

Ladies & Gentlemen, The President of The United States has just graduated to our “Jerk of The Week” File! Due to his “Latte Salute” given to Marines as he departs Marine 1.

We here at The Den Apologize to the Marine’s who  had to endure this disgrace, and can’t wait to see this….excuse leave office.






Stephanie Beaudoin Becomes Newest ‘Online Frenzy’

Why do we as people romanticize criminals?  Beaudoin, from Canada (Possibly around Montreal?) has been arrested on 114, (yes you read that correctly) charges stemming from allegedly breaking into, and robbing 42 homes, with co-conspirators aged 13 to 17 years old.

Beaudoin has photos posted twitter, and could be considered quite attractive, who’s ousted Jeremy Meeks as the ‘World’s Sexiest Criminal’ and people are admiring her from afar from all over the world.

In my eyes, giving credence to people like these is not only unhealthy, it’s just flat out wrong. This young woman was more than likely stringing along her young male accomplices, and was also well to do. she was nothing more than a spoiled child who was looking for attention. Well she got it.

Wx-William-McKenzie-Port-Orange-0924Area Rains Flood Area

Rain season has started in Central Florida, and has come in like a lion. The Daytona Beach area has received over 6 inches of rain, and with the stalled low pressure area over us at least for the next few days, the area is expecting more rain, and flooding.

The picture to your left is from a home in the Port Orange area.  There is a flood watch out for North Central Florida until 11:30 am today.


That’s all for now, More News & Notes Coming Soon!

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