Be Very Alert! No 182

Be Very Alert! – By Val Hollard (NZ)

On Watch at the Door.                                                      No 182, October 21, 2014


The spiritual warfare movement began in the 1980s after being launched by Vonette Bright, the wife of Bill Bright of Campus Crusade. It began a whole new approach to prayer: prayer marches, Jesus marches, prayer canopies, etc. Others such as C. Peter Wagner, Cindy Jacobs and Chuck Pierce added many unbiblical doctrines. Spiritual mapping was carried out to find out what territorial spirits were in an area, stakes were driven into the ground with scripture on them and spiritual expeditions were undertaken to places including Mt Everest for the purpose of dismantling demonic powers.

The spiritual warfare movement has also resulted in massive prayer rallies that resemble political rallies. The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) sponsored a large prayer rally for American presidential candidate Rick Perry and the global prayer agenda led to the Global Day of Prayer. Spiritual warfare techniques such as   getting demonic powers under control and removing their influence on cities and territories has priority over saving the souls of people.

This type of spiritual warfare is mainly about taking dominion over the world and improving it before the return of Jesus. Dominionists believe that man lost dominion of the earth when he sinned and the title deed was transferred to Satan. C. Peter Wagner says, “This means that our divine mandate is to do whatever is necessary, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to retake the dominion of God’s creation which Adam forfeited to Satan in the Garden of Eden. It is nothing less than seeing God’s kingdom coming and His will being done here on earth as it is in heaven.” They say God has now instituted a plan to rescue mankind from Satan’s influence and restore the title deed to its original owners. Jesus cannot come back before then. Hence the search for techniques that will see Satan and his mob tied up and rendered ineffective. There is an emphasis on human effort. These people are also totally blinded to the fact that everything in this world is getting worse. They deny that there will be a time of great trouble before the return of Jesus.

One of the tools of the spiritual warfare movement is binding and loosing, based on a false interpretation of Matthew 16:19 where Jesus tell his disciples, “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” In my first few years as a Christian I heard others saying, “I bind you Satan!” and I got caught up in this false teaching too.

Binding is used by many Christians in an attempt to prevent dark powers from affecting people, places and situations. It is even used to claim whole cities for Christ. To get beneficial effects, the influences of good angels should be loosed. Prosperity preachers ask for money to be loosed into their ministries.

  • Peter Wagner of NAR believes that Satan and his principalities and powers must be bound if we are to carry out the Great Commission. He believes that it we bind and loose here on earth, God will respond and the same will be done in heaven. However, binding Satan and his mob is never given as necessary for saving souls. Satan is presently the prince of the power of the air and will not be bound until the millennium reign of Christ. (Rev 20:2-3)

The correct meaning of “binding and loosing” is that Jesus was assuring the disciples that in order to extend His Church to the whole world, they would be led to act in line with what had already been decreed in heaven. As long as the disciples were led by the Holy Spirit, whatever they did would be part of God’s plan to establish the Church on earth. A better translation would be, “Whatever you bind on earth, will have already been bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth, will have already been loosed in heaven.” Binding and loosing should not be used as magical words to try and influence Satan or God.

Another false teaching in spiritual warfare is pleading, claiming and applying the blood of Jesus to events, situations, places and things. An example comes from Joyce Meyer who says, “We must learn to ‘use’ the blood.” She explains how she does it: “My husband and I stay in various hotels because of our travels in ministry. Quite frequently when unpacking and settling into a hotel room I will ‘plead’ the blood or ‘put’ the blood on the room, to cleanse or remove any wrong spirits that may be there from other guests.”

This is a wrong use of the blood of Jesus. Believers are covered with the blood of Jesus when they accept what Jesus did for them on the Cross. (Eph 1:7) It has to do with cleansing us of sin and a guilty conscience. As with binding and loosing, it cannot be used as a magical formula to coerce God into doing what you want and for dealing with demons. Nowhere in Scripture is the blood of Jesus used for these purposes. All we need for spiritual warfare is given in Ephesians 6.

Bill Randles of Grace Ministries says, “By all modern standards, Paul failed at spiritual warfare. He never researched the territorial spirits; he didn’t rebuke the strongholds of pagan religion; he didn’t see whole cities come to the Lord. Yet, in truth Paul didn’t fail at spiritual warfare, he won… We wage war against Satan most effectively when we allow God’s anointed Word to go forth to touch unbelievers’ hearts and souls, convicting them, converting them, and opening them up to God.”

The spiritual warfare movement takes the focus away from Jesus and on to the devil and things which we are not meant to be focussing on. It is trying to do things by human effort that we are never told to do. This is religion. It is a doomed attempt to help God out with sometimes frantic activity and try and do what only Jesus can do when He returns – establish His kingdom on earth.


PM John Key has just raised New Zealand’s threat level in response to risks from foreign fighters and ISIS from “very low” to “low,” the third level up on a 6-point scale. The Government is now looking at urgent law changes too. The risk is from fighters returning to NZ who have been “radicalised and with military training.”

In Australia, a senior Islamic State militant ordered “demonstration killings.” This resulted in a series of anti-terror raids by federal and state police across Sydney and Brisbane, the largest in Australian history. The plan appeared to involve snatching a random member of the public in Sydney, draping them in an Islamic State flag and beheading them on camera.

Australian police have also arrested two men in Brisbane for allegedly preparing to fight in Syria, recruiting jihadists and raising money for the al-Qaeda offshoot Nusra Front. The Australian government believes there are about 100 Australians in the country involved in this sort of activity.

The outcome is that Australians will have to endure far more security than in the past and a loss of freedoms. Australia’s intelligence agencies have now been given powers to survey the entire Australian Internet with one warrant and threaten whistleblowers and journalists with 10-year prison terms if they publicize classified information. A proposed law would make it easier to detain Australians without charge and subject them to “coercive questioning.” While security agencies are delighted with the changes, many are deeply disturbed by the prospect that people could be detained without charge and without contact with the outside world.

As we see the rise of violent Islam everywhere, people are still crying out that Islam is a religion of peace. In Britain, Deputy PM Nick Clegg has claimed that the murder by ISIS jihadists has nothing to do with Islam. “No religion could possibly justify such grotesque acts,” he said. A group of prominent Muslims has also urged the British government to change the way it refers to ISIS as they say it is not Islamic. The Home Secretary, Theresa May, has praised Islam as a religion of peace. However, ISIS is being far more true to the Qur’an than so-called moderate Muslims. The world cannot understand how a religion can be non-peaceful.

The idea that Islam is a religion of peace is being promoted by numerous church leaders as seen in the strength of interfaith movements which claim there is truth in other religions. The Catholic Catechism even claims that Muslims are saved. The false prophets are blinded and are calling out peace when there is no peace. As the church abandons the Bible and the God of the Bible and commits spiritual adultery, formerly free nations will come under harsh rule.

Church leaders have failed to warn about Islam. Instead they have chosen to be politically correct. Islam is a satanically inspired and cruel religion that seeks to have the whole world in its clutches. If you want to see what Islam is really like, go to the Middle East.


Soeren Kern of the Gatestone Institute reports that in Hamburg, Germany a holy war has erupted. One politician has been repeatedly threatened with beheading as the price to pay for leading a fundraising campaign to provide food and water for Kurds in northern Iraq. ISIS jihadists have taken to the streets as they engage in bloody street clashes with ethnic Kurds. About 400 Kurds had gathered outside a mosque to protest against ISIS attacks on the Kurdish town of Kobani. The police say the violence is as ferocious as anything seen in Germany in recent memory. These are spill-over effects of the fighting in Syria and Iraq but some believe the ethnic tensions are being exploited to stir up trouble on the streets of Europe.

In Britain, the government is preparing to offer Sharia-compliant interest-free student loans. Muslims are forbidden from taking out loans that accrue interest. The alternative would involve Muslim students in paying a “donation” into a pool system rather than paying interest. Sharia is also making itself felt in the fast food business. Many KFC, Subway and other outlets are now serving only Sharia compliant halal food. One KFC restaurant advises non-Muslims seeking non-halal options to dine somewhere else.

The Human Rights Commission in Lexington, Kentucky has found that the owner of a T-shirt company, Hands On Originals, violated a local ordinance against sexual-orientation discrimination in 2012 when they declined to print shirts promoting the Lexington Pride Festival. The owner has now been instructed to attend “diversity training” because of his religious beliefs.

Betty Crocker is promoting gay marriages. Last year the General Mills-owned brand provided cakes to same-sex couples who got married in Minnesota after the state legalized gay marriage. This year Betty is following that up by donating cakes to couples marrying during the Twin Cities Pride event. Betty Crocker has also launched a website which attempts to make gay married couples appear normal.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is being unceremoniously booted off the campuses of California’s 23 state universities because they reserve leadership only for those committed to their goals and creed. IVCF has been around since at least the 1940s. Presumably this political correctness would make it possible for a homosexual group or a Muslim group to appoint a leader opposed to their views, but that is not likely to happen.

NZ is on a collision course with the God of Israel: NZ has just gained a seat on the UN Security Council and Foreign Minister Murray McCully is vowing to reform it. He would like to see the veto that the five permanent members have removed. The US has been using it to stop the UN from mandating a Palestinian state and forcing the division of Israel without any negotiations. (Joel 3:1-2)

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