Quote of The Day: All Lives Matter…

‘All lives matter. Too often in life, I see people with the “every man for himself” attitude. Everyone has trials and tribulations. No one in the world knows the full extent of mine. But what I know is, we are at a very detrimental point as a society. I wish we could all come together. Not in anger, not in outrage, not because of a common enemy, but because of understanding, realization of the fact that you can go a lot farther and be much happier feeling love for your fellow human. Rioting and stealing and shooting and fighting isn’t going to make stuff better. This isn’t about black unity, or police pride. It should be about human unity, human pride. I’ve got friends and family from all walks of life, and I love you all. Don’t let a situation break you, let it make you stronger. Instead of going out and setting a building on fire, protest by aspiring and working toward opening your own business. I love you, people. Human lives matter.’

Zack ‘Zuki Two-Piece’ Wilson 11/26/2014


I couldn’t have said that better myself Zukster… And yeah, we ALL should be doing more of this.

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