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Michael Moore Lets loose Again, Snipers Are ‘Cowards’

Michael_Moore_Bl_r640x400Well, Michael Moore is on the loose again, and has stuck his foot in it. In a Twitter post, Moore claims that his father was killed by a sniper in WWII, and that snipers are ‘cowards’. In response, a former Sniper/Army Ranger slammed Moore in a letter about the ‘cupcake’ which can be found here.

I honestly have no love for Moore, and he’s really nothing more than a blow hard looking for his next fame shot…  Stay out of politics, and glory seeking…Which means your lousy film career too.

Mother Who Drowned, Strangled 3 Children Allowed To Die In Prison

24D13F4700000578-2915490-image-a-1_1421595676343Sonia Blanchette, (in center) was allowed to die of starvation in a Mental facility in Quebec recently instead of facing trial for the murders of her 3 children, according to the Globe and Mail

Blanchette died on Jan. 15 in the palliative care ward of Montreal’s Sacré-Coeur Hospital, her lawyer Jean-Pierre Ménard confirmed. Ménard said he intervened so Blanchette would be allowed to kill herself. Under Quebec law, anybody deemed mentally competent is allowed to refuse treatment of any kind.

The children’s father, Patrick Desautels, said that he wishes Blanchette had stayed alive longer to face up to her actions – but admitted her death saved him the agony of a trial.

He told Radio Canada: ‘I don’t have to go through the trial. It wasn’t going to bring me anything.

‘I would have liked her to have spent more time in prison having to think about what she had done. But she decided otherwise.’

I had been planning to add this story here to our blog, for our readers to comment on.  Do you think that the system was right in allowing this to happen, or should Blanchette have stood trial? let us know in the comments.

Site Hack Doesn’t Slow Us Down…

We here at the Den had an entire website hack back in December of last year, and are still slowly recovering from that, thanks to the help of the folks at MyAutoDJ.Com and folks like you. Bear with us as we bring The Den and our other sites back online soon!

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