Be Very Alert! No 187

Be Very Alert – By Val Hollard (NZ)

On Watch at the Door.                                                                     No 187, February 3, 2015


Welcome to the first Alert for what will certainly be a most interesting year. Islam is really rising to the fore. Many confused commentaries have been written about the Islamic murders in Paris at Charlie Hebdo and the Jewish Supermarket. One likened the Muslim killings to the Crusaders of earlier centuries. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Crusaders were not obedient to the Word of God whereas the Muslim killers are painfully faithful to the Qur’an.

Another problem is that a lot of the focus has been on freedom of speech. Once again, the Islamists are being obedient to the Qur’an and killing people who blaspheme the prophet Mohammad. Killing Jews is also ordained in the Qur’an.

And, as is the norm now after every Muslim slaughter, voices arise saying that Islam is a religion of peace. The only peace that the Qur’an talks about is the one they are expecting when the whole world is under the dominion of Islam.

Radical Muslims are increasing in numbers, and the devastation they are causing around the world is horrific. Many, especially the media, are complying with the wishes of these maniacs out of fear of reprisals. Jews have already fled en masse from most Middle Eastern countries and now it is the turn of Christians. European Jews are facing increased persecution from Muslims and thousands of police are now guarding synagogues and Jewish schools. Boko Haram in Nigeria is continuing its terrifying devastation across the border into neighbouring countries. One could continue for pages commenting on the lightning spread of Islam. It is exactly as Daniel saw in his visions and described. The good news is that many Muslims are seeing the evil of Islam and turning to the God of the Bible in increasing numbers.

Even though 9 of the top 10 countries persecuting Christians are Muslim, many in the church in the West refuse to believe the truth about Islam. They believe that the god of Islam is the God of the Bible. Allah in fact fits the descriptions of Satan in the Bible. Allah is Satan. Christians need to read the Qur’an for themselves, and not a watered-down one either. I recommend Usama Dakdok’s one. Usama was born in Egypt and Arabic is his native tongue. He is a Christian who has studied Islam. His translation is available from his website,

VIDEO: The Myth of the Tiny Radical Muslim Minority: (approx 6 mins long)

Contributing to the confusion in the Western church is the widespread teaching that the Antichrist will be a European. This view was much popularised by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins in their Left Behind series and numerous prominent teachers support this view. It has recently received a boost by Dr. David Jeremiah in his Agents of the Apocalypse sermons and book. In his book, the first section of each chapter reads like a mini version of the Left Behind series.

By taking the focus off of Islam and an Islamic Antichrist, many are failing to see Islam as a major threat. You can hear well-known leaders talking about how God will wipe out Islam before the final seven years which Daniel talks about (Dan 9). Then they expect a coalition of European countries to arise out of which will emerge the Antichrist and his army. Even just looking at the precipitous spread of Islam with its atrocious killings, even of teenage boys for watching a soccer game, should make one wonder how an even more evil power could arise!

The idea of a European Antichrist comes about from a misunderstanding of who really are “the people of the ruler to come” in Daniel 9:26. Some scholars, including Arnold Fruchtenbaum, say that the Hebrew word for ‘people’ has to do with bloodline, not a country or nation. It has to do with race, kindred, relatives. The Apostle Paul was ethnically a Jew but also a Roman citizen.

In 70 AD Roman legions under Titus destroyed both Jerusalem and the Temple. Because the soldiers were Roman citizens, many have concluded that the Antichrist and his kingdom will be European. However, as the Roman Empire expanded, Rome had nowhere near enough soldiers to form all the legions they needed so they formed legions from local citizens, the provincials, who were not European.

Historical records from Tacitus and Josephus clearly show that those responsible for destroying Jerusalem and the Temple were mainly from Syria and other Arab countries, although they were Roman citizens. It was Arabs who set the Temple on fire against the wishes of General Titus who even sent men to quench the fire. Titus even threatened to put to death the Syrians who cut open the bellies of Jews to get gold they had swallowed. The ancient hatred of Jews by Arabs is still very much alive today. Many modern scholars also support the claim that the Roman legions at that time contained very few Italians.

Although many Europeans would like to see the end of Israel and anti-Semitism is rising there, it is the surrounding Muslim countries which are the greatest threat to Israel, desiring to “wipe them from the map.” We are already seeing calls from Muslims for a renewed Caliphate with a Caliph as its leader. The Muslim Brotherhood was established for the specific purpose of restoring a Caliphate after the end of the Ottoman Empire in the 1920s. Turkey, which is rapidly becoming less secular, would also like to re-establish itself again as the leader of the Caliphate.

An Eastern Antichrist is supported by the Bible which refers to him as the “Assyrian.” (Isa 10:5-14; Micah 5:5-6) All the countries that Jesus will judge when he returns are Muslim. Not one European country is mentioned. Rome had two legs, Eastern and Western, and it is the Eastern leg that is prevailing today. And, if Jesus should tarry much longer, the Western leg will be Muslim too!

Those who teach a European Antichrist and kingdom, especially along with a Rapture before the Antichrist appears, will leave Christians totally unprepared for all that is coming.

Retractions: Let us be thankful for those who are faithfully pointing out error, and be thankful that it is still possible to have one’s voice heard.

Duke University in North Carolina came under heavy criticism when it decided to allow a Muslim call to prayer on Fridays. Duke’s associate dean for religious life said “This opportunity represents a larger commitment to religious pluralism that is at the heart of Duke’s mission. It connects the university to national trends in religious accommodation.” Franklin Graham came out strongly against the proposal and told donors to withhold their support. The University has now changed its mind.

It has now been revealed that UCLA students have had a Muslim call to prayer for some time.

Israel wiped off the map: In a bid to appease ‘local preferences,’ HarperCollins removed Israel from school atlases for Middle Eastern countries. After complaints, the publishing giant has apologised for omitting Israel and has vowed to destroy any remaining copies.

“The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven.” As a boy Alex Malarkey was involved in an accident which left him in a coma for two months with severe injuries. He claimed to have had a trip to heaven and his father helped him write a book about it. The book, described as a true story, was published in 2010 and became a best-seller. A TV film was also made from his story.

Now aged 16, Alex states: “I did not die. I did not go to Heaven… I said I went to heaven because I thought it would get me attention. When I made the claims that I did, I had never read the Bible. People have profited from lies, and continue to. They should read the Bible, which is enough. The Bible is the only source of truth. Anything written by man cannot be infallible.”

There have been many so-called “true stories” of trips to heaven, often by young children, which have become best-sellers. One of the main criticisms of them is the huge degree to which they contradict each other. Also, according to the Bible, the resurrection of believers in the church has yet to take place so the dead in Christ are yet to get their new bodies.

Harassment of Christians in the West:
In Britain, a Justice of the Peace and evangelical Christian has been condemned by the country’s highest legal authorities, suspended, and subjected to a day-long re-education session to rid him of the ‘dangerous belief’ that a child would be better off being adopted by a family with a mother and a father than by a same-sex couple.
In America, California’s Supreme Court voted to prohibit state judges from belonging to the Boy Scouts on grounds that the group discriminates against gays. The court’s seven justices unanimously voted to heed this recommendation by its ethics advisory committee.

The UN has declared June 21st as International Yoga Day. The resolution adopted by the General Assembly garnered a record number of co-sponsors, 177 nations.

Rise of Islam in the West:

There are at least 22 paramilitary Islamic communities in the US operated by a Pakistan-based group.

Between 3,000 and 5,000 Europeans have now joined the ranks of jihadists and are fighting in Syria, Iraq and other conflict zones.

An organization called Pegida (Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West) has arisen in Germany which is calling out thousands in German cities to protest the Islamization of their country.

They deny the true nature of Islam:

Pope Francis has denounced the religious fundamentalism that inspired the Paris massacres and ongoing Mideast conflicts, saying the attackers were enslaved by “deviant forms of religion” that used God as a mere ideological pretext to perpetuate mass killings.

UN head Ban Ki Moon says that the tragic events in Paris had nothing to do with religion.

France’s President François Hollande said that the Charlie Hebdo fanatics had “nothing to do with Islam,” and he was joined in this view by commentators on France24, as well as the German Interior Minister, Thomas de Maizière.

Leaders have become blinded to the vast differences between Bible-based Christianity and Qur’an-based Islam.

2014 has been the worst year for Christian Persecution in over 20 years. It was more than twice as bad as in the previous reporting period. Open Doors places North Korea at the top of the list. Others in line are Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan, Iran, Pakistan, Eritrea and Nigeria. “Everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.” (2 Tim 3:12)

RAPTURE DEBATE ANNOUNCEMENT: Later this year a formal debate will take place between Alan Kurschner of the Pre-Wrath Eschatos Ministries and Dr Thomas Ice of the Pre-Trib Research Center. Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries will moderate the debate. The topic of the debate is “The Church Will Face the Antichrist Before the Rapture.” Kurschner will take the affirmative and Ice the denial. This debate should be well-worth hearing, no matter what side you are one. Several prominent pretrib prophecy teachers and preachers are now vigourously mocking the whole idea of a prewrath/intra-seal rapture and in the process are revealing how little they know about this teaching. As we draw rapidly closer to the glorious return of Jesus, God is enabling many more to understand what have been complete mysteries to previous generations. Keep watching and praying.

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