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WBC Look Like Idiots: Can’t Picket Nimoy Funeral

Leonard+Nimoy-722As we all know, Lenoard Nimoy has passed. But did you know that the hate mongering organization named Westboro Baptist Church wanted to picket the former Star Trek alum’s funeral?

According to a report from Opposing Views, the group tweeted that “Leonard Nimoy’s funeral is today, but nobody is sharing WHERE,” the group tweeted. “So Westboro AND @WilliamShatner can’t attend.”

I’ve stated this before, and I’ll say it again. Megan Phelps, her dead hate monger father  Fred and the whole blasted church is nothing more than a stain on American society. The fact that they are still around is not only shameful, but basically just downright insane. THIS is the kind of organization that the US Government should target for Tax evasion, and of the laundry list of infractions for targeting the funerals of US Soldiers.


Chinese Chicken Coming Soon To A Market Near You…

The USDA is giving it’s blessing to moving chicken from the US to China for processing, then having China ship it back to the US for consumption. And More than that, there will be NO US inspectors at the plants that are processing the chicken, but No country of origin stamps will be required either.

“Economically, it doesn’t make much sense,” said Tom Super, spokesman for the National Chicken Council, in a recent interview with the Houston Chronicle. “Think about it: A Chinese company would have to purchase frozen chicken in the U.S., pay to ship it 7,000 miles, unload it, transport it to a processing plant, unpack it, cut it up, process/cook it, freeze it, repack it, transport it back to a port, then ship it another 7,000 miles. I don’t know how anyone could make a profit doing that.”

Mind you, this is the country where the Avian Flu, most food borne illness, and lead paint in children’s toys come from. And, the USDA… the PROTECTOR of our food supply is going to let this happen… Guess I’ll be giving up chicken again…


Real Estate Mogul Confesses To ‘Killing Them All’

Robert DurstRobert Durst was arrested this past Wednesday, just before the finale of his HBO reality series based on his life after admitting he “killed them all” while his Mic was still active while he was in a bathroom.

What followed was a bizarre rambling in which Durst said, apparently to himself, “There it is. You’re caught” and “What the hell did I do? Killed them all of course.” The show ended there, and it wasn’t clear whether or not producers for the show confronted Durst on his statement or not.

Durst was arrested by FBI agents Saturday at a New Orleans hotel, on a warrant from Los Angeles for the murder of a mobster’s daughter 15 years ago.

Durst was ordered held without bond pending another hearing Monday. His lawyer, Chip Lewis, said Durst will agree to be taken to Los Angeles to face the first-degree murder charge.

Yahoo News has More on this Bizarre story.

There’s more to this story than what’s here. The more you read about this saga, the more bizare it becomes. There’s more twists and turns in this than in a Stephen King Novel! At one point he was living in Galveston, Texas disguised as a woman paying 300.00 a month for a room in a boarding house!  Not to mention how he turned up shoplifting a chicken sandwich, Band-Aids, and a newspaper in Pennsylvania, even though he had $500 cash in his pocket and $37,000 in his rental car — along with two guns and marijuana. He was also arrested in Houston, Texas for urinating on the candy display at the cash register of a CVS pharmacy last year. Durst paid a fine and compensated the store for what his legal counsel called an “unfortunate medical mishap.”

Will’s Place Radio To Return To Active Production Soon!

wpr1 Will and the staff here at The Den are thrilled to announce that Will’s Place Radio will be returning to active production soon!

After a 9 year hiatus for this show, Will, and his co-host (Name coming soon…) have decided after going back through the archived shows on the Internet Archive to return the podcast to active production status, ‘as soon as humanly possible’ according to sources close to the production.

WPR (short name for show) will be using stories posted to The Den blog, music from Music by Mevio; along with other sources as well.

The Show, which was started back in 2006 by Will and Alvin “DJ Big Al” Laidlaw- was retired after moving to internet radio back in 2008; and was morphed into “The Weekend Chronicles” for RadioGalactica, an online internet radio stream that closed last year.

“My first love was always podcasting, and after revisiting the files that I was able to find on the Internet Archive, I sat down and tool a hard look at what I really wanted to do, and with the help of some soul searching, friends, and family members, I decided that it was time to bring back the one show that I enjoyed doing the most”, Will stated in a conversation with the source close to the production. “Podcasting was where it all started. I think it’s time I went back, and got back to the roots of where it all began.”

Look For Will’s Place Radio to be returning soon, and you can listen to the found archive episodes here

Looking For Writers!

The Den is looking for writers to contribute to the blog! If you have news stories, Bizarre News, Stupid Stories, or… We’re looking for you!

Just send an e-mail to with ‘Den Writer’ (without quotes) in the subject line, and will get you set up to chat with Will, and get you on your way!


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