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Police Officer Charged With Murder, Records Released

Police officer Michael Slager is seen in an undated photo released by the Charleston County Sheriff's Office in Charleston HeightsMichael Slager, pictured left was arrested, and charged with murder in the shooting death of suspect Walter Scott.

According to reports filed by Yahoo! news Slager wasn’t a officer who created issues, but he didn’t receive awards either.

The former officer told brass that he feared for his life after Scott supposedly took a stun gun from his belt  and started to run away from Slager who stopped him for a traffic violation, and got into a scuffle with Scot last weekend.

A bystanders cell phone video captured Slager firing 8 shots at Scott as he ran away form Slager. The final shot is what stopped Scott, as he face planted into the ground.

Still image from video allegedly shows police officer after shooting man in North Charleston

“I have watched the video, and I was sickened by what I saw,” Eddie Driggers, the North Charleston police chief said at a news conference announcing officer’s termination.

After his termination announcement, the city turned over around 100 pages from Slager’s  personnel file to the media, that included some, but not all of his work appraisals  The papers shed little light on what might have motivated the officer to kill Scott, who police said apparently fled on foot after the officer pulled him over for a broken taillight.

Slager was a member of the US Coast Guard before joining the North Charleston Police force, citing that his “military time is up” on his application with the department.

Slager is also married, and his wife who is 8 months pregnant will continue to receive insurance benefits until the birth of their child, according to the mayor, Keith Summey.

Despite firing the officer, Summey said the city planned to honor his wife’s health insurance until after the baby is born.

“We think that is the humane thing to do and we are going to do it,” the mayor said.

Slager’s Wife, nor family have been able to be reached for comment.

Slager is being held in protective custody inside the Charleston County Detention Center without bond.

For more on this story, click the link above for Yahoo News.

New York Woman Gets 20 Years To Life For Killing Child With Salt

salt1Lacey Spears, a prominent blogger about motherhood, and her child’s rare illness was sentenced to 20 years to life inside a White Plains, NY courtroom Wednesday.

Spears was judged guilty for committing the crime of killing her son with a salt overdose, so she could bask in the attention of social media.

Spears ran the personal blog called “Garnett’s Journey” chronicling the life, and illness of the young boy. Garnett passed away form a large dose of salt that was introduced by his feeding tube by his mother who blogged about it, and posted pictures to Facebook.

The Asst. District Attorney Doreen Lloyd said “She continued to portray him as a sick child for her own bizarre need for attention. She used that feeding tube as a weapon to kill him.   Garnett Spears should be in school today but he’s not because his mother murdered him,” she said

Spear’s Defense lawyers asked for the minimum sentence, and filed an appeal, claiming that the hospital was at fault for negligence, and that their client was innocent of the charges.

“By not imposing the maximum, I’m exhibiting something you didn’t show your son – namely mercy,” said Judge Robert Neary in the Westchester County Courthouse in Valhalla.

The judge described her as mentally ill and identified her condition as “Munchausen by proxy syndrome,” in which a caregiver fabricates a medical problem for someone in their care.

“Your crime is unfathomable in its cruelty. How could a mother ever treat her child in such a callous, inhumane manner?” the judge said.

Spears, who lived in Chestnut Ridge, about 32 miles (51 km) north of New York City, declined the judge’s request to make a final statement, standing with her wrists cuffed behind her.

Can you believe this?! I’m shaking my head. Her actions are completely ignorant and disrespectful of those children suffering from undiagnosed/unknown illness and not to mention what her poor son went through, who had nothing wrong with him and would have otherwise been a healthy child growing up today if not for this woman’s insanity. Uggh!! Just infuriates me. -Dana

And, of course, Tsarnaev is guilty on all 30 counts against him for the Boston Marathon Bombing.

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