Apple Removes Games Due To Confederate Flag…

We all have been saturated with the news that happened recently in Charleston. Dylan Roof wanted to start a hate war by killing 9 people inside a historic church in the city.

Well, he got what he wanted. Now folks all over the country are ready to remove the Confederate Flag from the memory of every American, and it’s existence from history period. Simply because it’s a ‘source of hate, and representation of slavery’ and is a ‘stain on American history’

In light of that, Apple has decided to remove ALL games from the app store that have the flag in the software. In an official statement, the company says “we have removed apps from the App Store that use the Confederate flag in offensive or mean-spirited ways, which is in violation of our guidelines.”  But yet the movie Gettysburg is still in the store, with Confederate flags All Up In It.

Well then. Why not remove General Andrew Jackson from history because he fought with the confederacy, and yet Became President Of The United States. I know, that’s just nuts right? But, he was a part of that history. So, we now can call him a Hate Monger for participating in the War Between The States as a Confederate General.

The Confederate Flag NEVER represented slavery. It in fact, represented the fact that the southern states wanted to separate from the north due to oppressive legislation. It never became about slavery, until then President Lincoln MADE it about slavery, and that wasn’t until 1863 when he penned the Emancipation Proclamation.

So since we’re removing things that are offensive, and oppressive… Let’s remove anything with Adolph Hitler tied to it. I mean he only killed 6 MILLION Jews in World War II. Or, what about Saddam Hussein? Our nation PUT him into power… hes offensive and oppressive. Bin Laden maybe? or Westboro Baptist Church….Now if anyone or anything should be on that list, There ya go….

Rewriting history just because you feel offended by the past is no reason to rewrite history. History is there to teach us what was right, and wrong, and how we learn from our mistakes. We’ve made great strides to end the hatred… Why stir up the pot just because of  symbol that ‘supposedly’ was tied to something that it never represented… Before you judge, get ALL THE FACTS.

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