Pay Attention To Your Surroundings!

IMAG0007Ok, I can be as patient as the next person, but things like people not paying attention to thier surroundings really burns my backside!

Picking my fiance up from work yesterday, I had someone in a truck literally make a left onto a side street where I was going about 1/2 block away from her job, and then dead stop, and in the process of trying to ‘turn around’ because he was lost, backed a truck into my front bumper… While he was on his Cell phone… 

There’s a reason why I bought a Bluetooth headset. To prevent me from doing something just like this.

Put the blasted cell phone down, and drive! pay attention to where you are, and what you’re doing! If you’re lost, PULL OVER and make the call. or, spend 20 bucks and buy a headset for God’s sake! REALLY!!!! is your phone call that important?

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