Farewell To Fan Films…

trek finalWell, today was the day we said farewell to the Star Trek fan films as we know them.

Paramount and CBS have released their new guidelines for fan film productions, and it in essence shuts down every production on the map to date.

According to the new guidelines, fan films may be no more than fifteen (15) minutes in length, and if done in two parts, no more than thirty (30) minutes in total. Productions can NOT be part of any additional episodes, seasons, parts, remakes or sequels.

Along with this, no person who has worked in the past in any official paramount/CBS production of Star Trek may participate in any fan creation, in any form.

I understand the need to protect the IP. I do. But really? Do you have to be this restrictive? You do realize this is the 50th anniversary of the air date of the Original Series this September? Not to mention that you have a film coming out within the month? Instead of celebrating the creators of that fan entertainment, you cut them off at the knees.

Well, you’ve managed to loose yourself a LOT of fans today. Beyond will be a FLOP at the box office. Hope you all can absorb the loss.

Trek as we know it, is dead. And honestly, I won’t really miss it.

Thanks for the memories. And good luck to the fan creators in selling their memoribilia. I have the feeling you are gong to be stuck with it.

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