Be Very Alert! No 233

Be Very Alert!- By Val Hollard (NZ)

Watch at the Door                                                        No 233, January 31, 2017

Just before Christmas, New Zealand disgraced itself at the UN Security Council by proposing Resolution 2334 which would hand over Judea and Samaria (the “West Bank”) as well as East Jerusalem and the Temple Mount to the Palestinians. This would place 800,000 Jews in a Palestinian state. It was not a binding resolution but the Palestinians see it as giving them the go-head to press their case further – that means more terrorist attacks on Jews.

New Zealand’s role in presenting the Resolution is to be regretted (and repented). Our National Anthem asks God to bless us, hardly something we can expect if we do not bless Israel. It also asks God to guide us in the nations’ van, the front division of an army on the march. Well, we’ve now led the nations, but not in the way God would prefer. The nations who divide up Israel are supporting Satan’s plans.

Then on January 15th France held a 70-nation peace conference to try and further the two-state solution but it failed to achieve anything significant. It still called for the creation of a Palestinian state and endorsed Resolution 2334, but did not call for it to be immediately recognized. Some US senators have proposed a bill cutting funding for the UN until the Resolution has been repealed, and another bill calls for the US to withdraw from the UN! The UK (belatedly) and Australia boldly stood by Israel’s side and refused to support the declaration and were slammed by the Palestinians. The UN General Assembly has also approved a budget that includes $138,700 to fund the compilation of a first-ever UN blacklist of private companies doing business with the areas claimed by the Palestinians.

Donald Trump is preparing to shift the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. This move has been strongly criticised by many including the EU and the Palestinians who say it will impede the peace process. In the meantime, the non-existent state of Palestine has set up a Palestinian embassy in the Vatican. PA president Abbas says, “This is a sign that the pope loves the Palestinian people and loves peace.”

This year is the 70th anniversary of the UN Declaration granting the Jewish people a country – the State of Israel in 1947. It is the 50th anniversary of the miraculous Six Dar War victory that gave the Jewish people their united capital city back and much of the land that was illegally occupied by non-Jewish people. This year is also the 100th anniversary of the British Balfour Petition that promised the Jewish people their nation back.

Israel is the “apple of God’s eye.” He has not deserted His nation, but will allow other nations to come against it, as with the Babylonian captivity, until His people return to Him as a nation. The time is getting very close when we will see the prophecy of Joel 3 fulfilled and the nations dividing up His land.


“You’ve got your truth and I’ve got mine!” This is postmodernism.

The Oxford Dictionary has named “post-truth” as its international word for 2016. Oxford says it’s “an adjective defined as ‘relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.’”

If you read newspapers, follow the news on any media, and even when people send you emails on interesting topics, it is becoming harder to decide what is true and what isn’t. There are web sites that report on hoax news, but even the well-known one Snopes is a liberal site and cannot always be trusted.

There are countless who refuse to acknowledge truth when they see it. They just can’t cope with it. We saw this when many on the left couldn’t cope with America’s election result. When Trump won, “fake news” was blamed.

Obama signed the Counter Disinformation and Anti-Propaganda Act before he left office which will criminalise “fake news” on the Internet. The German government is so concerned about “fake news” that it is creating a centre of defence against disinformation ahead of this year’s elections. You can now blame fake news if you don’t like what is happening in polls or anything else. The biased media is desperate to keep you from reading real news.

We now have Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media under the control of thugs who are totally blind to the truth. They have started censoring and banning things of which they don’t approve and especially Christian sites. However, the thugs are quite happy to spread evil and post-truth. There is a big push to shut down conservative voices on Twitter and Facebook.

“Fake news” has been a problem for thousands of years. Governments and other powers have tried to stop “fake news” through various means. William Tyndale translated the Bible into English so that people no longer had to rely on the clergy to tell them what it said. He was killed in 1536 for spreading “fake news.” Galileo was tried for spreading the “fake news” that the earth rotates around the sun. Be aware of what is happening to scientists today who show that climate change is not a result of human activity! Thousands of people have been martyred by church authorities for saying anything that they disliked. In 1933, the Nazis carried out numerous book burnings of “fake news.” There is a long list. In Europe, it is now becoming illegal to criticise Islam as “it is a religion of peace.”

Today we are supposed to believe the lie that a Palestine state once existed and that Israel has no rights to Judea, Samaria, East Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

What is truth? Pilate asked Jesus this when He stood before him. In John 17 when Jesus prays to His Father he requests, “Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth.” We can be assured that God’s holy word is the truth. In these last days, we must hold firmly to the truth no matter what opposition we face.


All over Europe and North America there was high security as jihad killers targeted Christmas. The following are just some of the things that happened. A priest banned a nativity scene for fear of offending Muslims and schoolchildren were banned from singing “Silent Night” for the same reason. A church displayed a Nativity scene with Mary and Joseph in Muslim garb and a Muslim set fire to a church Nativity scene. Twelve people were killed when a terrorist drove a truck into a Christmas market in Berlin. A Woolworth’s store scrapped Christmas decorations telling customers that the shop “is now Muslim.” A Muslim attacked Christians on the way to Christmas mass leaving one dead and three injured. A town cancelled Christmas celebrations for fear of a Berlin-style jihad massacre. The traditional manger scene was scrapped in a town in Belgian in order to avoid offending Muslims. An abstract de-Christianized Christmas tree was installed in one town. France’s Minister of Education announced that instead of saying “Merry Christmas” state officials should use “Happy Holidays.”

Across the Channel, the British stood firmer. David Isaac, head of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, told employees that they should not suppress Christmas tradition out of fear of offending anyone. Dame Louise Casey, the British government’s integration “tsar” warned that “traditions such as Christmas celebrations will die out unless people stand up for British values.”

A German school in Turkey banned Christmas celebrations. Also in Turkey, Muslims held a Santa Claus at gunpoint to protest Christmas celebrations.

  • Comments:
  1. Firstly, with the large influx of Muslim migrants there has been a purging of the way Christmas is traditionally celebrated so that Muslims won’t be offended.
  2. Secondly, why are Christians celebrating Christmas? It began as a pagan holiday and is now a secular holiday. Jesus was not born on December 25th. Based on the priestly course of John the Baptist’s father and the difference in age between John and Jesus, Jesus was most likely born on September 29 on the Feast of Trumpets.
  3. Jesus was not born in winter. Caesar Augustus would never have had people travelling in winter conditions, including snow, to their home towns to register for the census, and shepherds would not have been out in the fields with their flocks.
  4. Children are taught lies about the Bible. The Bible does not say there were only three wise men. Neither did they come to see Jesus at the time of His birth but later when Joseph, Mary and Jesus were in a house.
  5. Today Christmas is based on commercialism, Christmas trees and Santa Claus. Children are more interested in expensive presents than in the birth of Jesus who came to bring the most precious gift of all. A more appropriate celebration around December is Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, which Jesus Himself celebrated. Our focus should be on King Jesus and His return, not on His birth.


  • The National Prayer Service for Trump’s inauguration was an interfaith event which included the singing of a passage from the Qur’an. People will go away with the idea that we all worship the one God. There is no indication that Christians in America will be drawn back closer to the Bible under Trump’s presidency, following the big decline under the Obama era. People are being set up to be deceived by the Antichrist. In the US, more than 50 churches, including the Washington National Cathedral, hold Qur’an readings.
  • At an epiphany service, the congregation of St Mary’s Anglican Cathedral in Scotland heard a reading from the Qur’an on the Muslim version of the story. The congregation was told that it was not only Christians who honour Jesus but Muslims too. The full passage that was read says that Allah has no son. A post on the Cathedral’s Facebook page describes the service as a “wonderful event.” Rev. Canon Gavin Ashenden who objected is being forced to resign.
  • Kiwis are now one of the top ten countries that watch the most porn. Coming in 5th, only America, Iceland, the United Kingdom and Canada beat New Zealand. There are now many billions of porn videos on the internet.


Excellent teachers of God’s word can have quite different ideas about some end time events. Take, for example, the 10 horns from out of which the Antichrist arises. One says the earth will be divided into 10 parts, another says they will be 10 western European nations, and a third says they will be Muslim nations.

There is a fascinating prophecy in Zechariah 5:5-11 about a woman called wickedness, the sin of the people throughout the earth. This evil woman gets shoved into a large basket with a lead cover and transported by two women with wings like a stork (non-kosher birds, anti-Semitic) and taken to Shinar, modern day Iraq, where Nimrod first tried to establish globalism.

Here is my speculation: There are Republicans who want the US out of the UN. Donald Trump doesn’t like money being wasted, and neither does he like the UN. New York hates having the UN there because it costs them so much money. There is sitting in Iraq a massive complex on 42 hectares which is the US Embassy and the largest in the world. It is very modern, heavily fortified and guarded, has accommodation for thousands, a power station, water treatment facilities, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, gym, cinema and much more.

Perhaps the UN, which is wicked, anti-Semitic and globalist, could be given the US embassy in Iraq. Zechariah says that when a house is ready for it in Iraq, the basket will be set in place. The US embassy compound would make a perfect home for it!


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