News & Notes 5/7/17

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North Korea Detains 4th US Citizen

In a report from Fox News a fourth US Citizen has been detained for unspecified hostile acts against the North Korean government.

Kim Hak Song was working for a university in Pyongyang before being detained on Saturday, in a report filed by the Korean Central News Agency.

Along with Kim Sang Dok who’s being detained for “acts of hostility aimed at overthrowing the country.” and two others, Kim Jong Un is forcing the tensions to escalate between North Korea and the US.

Along with the tensions, the regime is still organizing, and launching missile tests to obtain an ICBM that would reach US soil, and detonate a Nuclear Warhead payload.

This little man with the funky haircut is seriously touched, but NOT by an angel!! China really needs to step up and reign this guy in… before he starts World War 3!

Weird News Report

College activist Pablo Gomez Jr., 22, was arrested in Berkeley, California, in March and charged with the brutal stabbing death of an elementary school teacher. Gomez, a senior at University of California, Berkeley, is well-known on campus for insisting on a gender identity for which (as an example) the pronoun “he” is an inappropriate reference. (Hence, “they” was charged with what is so far the only homicide in Berkeley this year.) [San Jose Mercury News, 3-27-2017]

A father, 43, and his son, 22, argued on April 9 about who would walk the dog at their home on Chicago’s South Side. They apparently thought to settle the issue with a gunfight, and police, who recovered the two weapons, said both men received multiple wounds. The son was killed, and the father was in critical condition. [WLS-TV (Chicago), 4-10-2017]

Greeter Fired For Dumbest Reason On Earth!!!

an 88 year old man was terminated from his greeter position at Walmart for allowing a WILD TURKEY (yes you read that correctly) enter the store while he was on duty!

Bob Tallinger was told that he ‘should have alerted Management’ to the siting of the bird so that it could be removed. “He was hired to be a greeter, and that’s what he did. He never saw a book of rules that said, ‘If a wild turkey walks in here, you better go and get management.’” his wife relayed to the reporter from WISN in Wisconsin.

Bob said that he will miss the people the most, and a reporter for WISN mentioned that several of his coworkers called her, upset by Bob’s termination. In a statement, the company said that it “will not comment on HR matters.”

Ok… A wild turkey walks in the door on your watch, and you loose your job for it. REALLY?!?!?! I’ve seen and heard some crazy stuff in my time, but this tops the cake. What was Management gonna do, try to catch it? Jeez… Now I have heard it all!!!

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