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In Memoriam: Adam West Dies At 88

Adam West, known for his portrayal of Batman in the ABC based television series, and as ‘Mayor West’ on Fox’s Family Guy has passed away due to a short battle with Leukemia according to his Wikipedia page.

West’s family posted his death to his twitter account, and confirmed his passing late Friday evening to several outlets, including the Hollywood Reporter through a spokesperson.

We here at The Den wish Adam Godspeed as he moves on to his next journey, and thank the family for sharing him with us all. We’ll never for get him, and his adventures, as the Caped Crusader, and Mr. Mayor.

Does This EVER End?-A Commentary

Recently, There was an image placed online with Whoopi Goldberg wearing a Donald Trump Shirt depicting a suicide, with the words, “Make America Great Again” That she was supposedly wearing at the Women’s March in January.

This is the image that was posted during the episodes of The View where she comments on the Photoshop image of Trump, and the original shirt she did wear to the March.


While this Author is not a fan of Ms. Goldberg (Other than her Acting Credits, which include her recurring role as Guinan on ST: TNG) She was far from deserving of this type of treatment.

Haven’t we had ENOUGH of this mess? Kathy Griffin was more than enough to place the world on notice that the left is not happy with the election, and even Ms. Goldberg has stated that if the current president was elected, that she would move out of the country!

It is WAY past time for all of us to move on. The election is over. Let Trump Stand, or fall on his own record. whether you voted for him or not, respect the office. If you don’t like the man, fine. But, let him stand on his own merits or failures as President. You didn’t vote for him, and honestly, we didn’t see you pony up for the Damn position either!

To the person, or persons who did this… You were dead wrong for what you have done. No One deserves to be depicted in this way, even if you dislike what they stand for. Men, and women have fought, and died for us to have the right to our opinions. whether we agree, or not. You may not agree with Ms. Goldberg, but to do this was shameful… and just disgusting!

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