Be Very Alert! No 244

Be Very Alert!- By Val Hollard (NZ)

On Watch at the Door                                                        No 244, July 3, 2017


This summer in the US could be rather interesting. The Democrats have said they are going to fight back against Trump and the Republican Party’s victory, claiming they are the rightful winners. Obama, Clinton and George Soros are all determined to undermine the Republican Party, especially over this American summer.

In the US, the Progressive Left has now replaced Islamic terrorism as the No. 1 threat to the safety of Americans. This is not surprising when so many, among them Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and others have been issuing calls for people to “resist” the Trump administration at any cost. The liberals don’t allow free speech if it is something they don’t agree with. In the universities, speakers have had to call off appearances because of protests and being shouted down.

A Broadway production of Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare, was politically altered to feature the assassination of President Trump. The play was interrupted by a woman who took to the stage and shouted out that it was time for political violence against the Right to end. Other fed up patriots gave her support. On the last night of the show, protestors again interrupted the production.

CNN comedian Kathy Griffin lost her job after posing with a fake severed head of Donald Trump. She called it a “kooky concept.” Then later at a press conference she ranted against the Trumps for trying to sabotage her career. The Trumps had nothing to do with her job loss. Meanwhile other veteran comedians have spoken out in Griffin’s defence, dismissing the faux decapitation photo as a really bad joke for which she should be forgiven.

Another event in the escalating pattern of violence against Republicans happened when House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot as the Republicans practised for the annual baseball game between Republicans and Democrats. He was seriously injured in the hip but is now off the critical list. The shooter, James Hodgkinson, was a left-wing Bernie Sanders supporter who believed Trump was a “traitor.” He is a liberal who wanted to “kill as many Republicans as possible”, and was a member of a group called “Terminate the Republican Party.” He had recently written: It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co. Some other liberals expressed pleasure that the congressman was shot.

In another act of violence, Police charged a woman for trying to run Republican Congressman David Kustoff off the road after a meeting he held on health care reform.

These are not the only acts of violence against Republicans so far this summer and there are sure to be many more.

Muslim worshippers leaving a Mosque in Finsbury Park London were hit by a van, injuring a number of people. The driver is said to have screamed, “I’m going to kill all Muslims – I did my bit.” The London Bridge jihad had stoked his anger.

Also in London, a few hundred people marched down Regent Street, behind the Palestinian and Hezbollah terror flag, before staging a sit-down protest on Oxford Street. The Hezbollah supporters were calling for Israel’s annihilation.

Britain’s Security Minister has warned of the rise of far-right extremism, as the latest Home Office figures showed a sharp increase in arrests for terror offences. He said that online propaganda was helping fuel far-right radicalisation, just as it was feeding Islamist extremism. The jump came after the neo-Nazi group National Action became the first extreme right-wing group to be banned as a terrorist organisation. The anti-Semitic, white supremacist group had celebrated the murder of the Labour MP Jo Cox by a Right-wing extremist.

The latest spate of terror attacks is leading to the eradication of basic civil liberties in supposedly democratic countries as they seek to make their countries safer. It is done in the name of security. There is increasing surveillance of various forms of communication, and children as young as six are being finger-printed. Draconian positions are being taken regarding Internet freedom. Japan has joined the move by imposing a sweeping “pre-crime surveillance law” ahead of the 2020 Olympics.

ISIS (Islamic State) is retreating in Iraq and Syria, leaving large-scale destruction behind them. However, they are setting up networks to support the systematic movement of terrorists from the Middle East to Europe and Asia, according to US defence officials. We can expect to see increasing jihad attacks there. Australia is very concerned about the war that ISIS has recently started in the Philippines. More than 200,000 civilians have been reported to be displaced by the fighting.

New Zealand has the highest rate of family violence in the developed world. Every five minutes police are called out to respond to abuse happening somewhere. Kids are present at two thirds of these incidents. Each year the number of family violence cases climbs. Justice Minister Amy Adams says she has “had enough.”

How often do churchgoers hear warnings about what is happening in the world today that has prophetic significance? How many pastors are preparing their congregations for what is coming so that they will remain strong in their faith in increasingly difficult times? Unfortunately very few!

As we rapidly approach Daniel’s 70th week, time is running out for Christians to make sure of their relationship with the Lord, to be getting to know Him and His Word better, to be fully submitting themselves to God in every way, and getting rid of any idols and passions in their lives that are preventing us from leading a holy (separated) life. We are very close to the end of this age, very close, and few are hearing the right things from their pastors.



  • Preparations for a One World Religion: The Vatican issued a message to “Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters” for Ramadan. It begins, “We wish to assure you of our prayerful solidarity during this time of fasting in the month of Ramadan and the celebration of ‘Id alFitr that concludes it, and we extend to you our heartfelt best wishes for serenity, joy and abundant spiritual gifts.”


  • London’s Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan authorized an anti-Israel al Quds Day march supporting the terror group Hezbollah. He was slammed by members of the capital’s Jewish community. Al Quds Day was begun by the late Ayatollah Khomeini to call for Israel to be destroyed. Organisers claim it “unites for the freedom of the oppressed in Palestine and beyond” and it is run to coincide with the end of Ramadan. Hezbollah is an illegal, anti-Semitic terrorist organisation and its flags are flown on the day to honour the terrorist group sworn to the destruction of the Jewish state. The group is designated a terror organization by the Arab League, Bahrain, Canada, France, Israel, the Netherlands, and the United States.


  • In Canada, evangelical Christians are under fire as an Alberta school board is demanding a Christian school stop teaching “offensive” scripture that indicts homosexuality as a sin, the National Post reports.


  • Canada has passed a Bill making it a hate crime with jail time to address transgenders using the wrong pronoun. Critics say that Canadians who do not subscribe to progressive gender theory could be accused of hate crimes, jailed, fined, and made to take anti-bias training.


  • The Canadian province of Ontario has passed a legislation that has been described by critics as “totalitarian” as it allows the government to seize children from families who do not accept gender ideology. Under the legislation, “gender identity” and “gender expression” are included as factors to be considered “in the best interests of the child.” However, the religious faith in which the parents are raising the child is removed from consideration in assessing the child’s best interest. In a survey of Millennials, almost half of those surveyed indicated they could be open to the idea of government removing children from their home if parents refuse to support their gender identity.


  • Wild Bill, a former police officer, exposer of Islam and a Christian, was arrested for “smuggling hate speech on his iPad” into Canada. He was due to speak at a rally in Calgary. He was detained for 7½ hours before being released, but the border police have kept his iPad which holds masses of information important to him. He was to speak about the treatment of women and children in Islam and about free speech. He gave a similar talk earlier which can be heard on the internet.


  • At a science festival in Norway, astrophysicist Stephen Hawking has warned that the human race is doomed if we do not colonise the moon or mars or even Alpha Centauri soon, taking with us a Noah’s Ark of plants, animals, fungi and insects.


  • Iran’s goal is to become the dominant power across the Shia Islamic world from Tehran in Iran 2,000 miles across to the Mediterranean coast in the west. They want to form a Shia corridor which would give them uninterrupted access on the ground. The corridor at present contains much rough terrain and Sunni Islamists hostile to Iran. It would bind together, by a single land route, a string of Iranian allies, including Hezbollah, in Lebanon; the Assad regime, in Syria; and the Iranian-dominated government in Iraq. Is this prophetically significant? It could well be! The sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up to prepare the way for the kings from the East.” (Rev 16:12) Chinese President Xi Jinping also has a vision of building the “New Silk Road,” a route that would connect China to the West.


  • Hundreds of thousands of Iranians chanted “Death to Israel” in nationwide rallies at which they also burned the flag of the Islamic State militant group which claimed responsibility for recent attacks in Tehran. Millions of people turned out for the rallies to mark Al-Quds Day which is held on the last Friday of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.


  • The Turkish government has destroyed an inscription honouring the dead at Anzac Cove and claims that they are doing a sweeping “renovation” of all Turkish memorials and epitaphs on the peninsula. Historians believe that the finished renovation will leave the memorial markedly different, thanks to efforts from Erdogan’s government. The monument previously included the words, “You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country.” Turkey now depicts its 86,000 Gallipoli dead as “martyrs,” dying in a fight against Christian invaders.


  • In the Australian state of Victoria, school children as young as 12 now have an involuntary weekly doctor visit to receive drugs and medical treatment without parental consent. The children are likely to be prescribed medication that is both ineffective and dangerous. The Australian programme uses a checklist to consider behaviours like shyness and sleeping with the light on as signs of possible psychological problems. Since 2008, NZ figures show thousands of four to five year-olds have been screened for health, behavioural, social and developmental problems, some without their parent’s consent. Pharmac figures show a 140 per cent increase in antidepressant prescriptions for 0 to 4-year-olds between 2009 and 2010, and an average 10 per cent increase in mood-stabilising drug prescriptions in the last five years for children aged five and over.



John Haller’s prophecy update. 25.6.2017. “Global Delusion.”

A month of Islam and multiculturalism in Britain: May 2017


When trials come: “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.” (Psalm 23:4)


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